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helping each other in times of loss

Loss comes in many forms...

  the death of a loved one

     debilitating or terminal illness

        separation through divorce

            the loss of a pet


                     a child leaving home


                              the loss of a dream

GSEP offers

compassion, comfort and hope

to all during their journey of grief.

You are not alone.

We are here to walk alongside you.

Navigating loss is difficult & each person's path is unique.


We seek to create a safe space where all can share openly.

All losses matter.  Every loss counts…

We experience breakups, divorce, and betrayal,

   not to mention the heartbreak of assault, estranged family, abandonment.

We mourn the challenges we faced as children.

   We suffer miscarriages.

     We lose our financial stability.

        We grieve over the loss of health, loss of jobs and unplanned changes in our lives. 

Our story is always changing…

~ David Kessler,



Grief Support El Paso saved my life. The fellowship and understanding from the facilitators and the participants have been a great asset to me. To listen to and take from their reflections understandings that might apply to my own grief has been a great source of healing. Every month I look forward to coming, sharing, and listening. It has been a joy.



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